Music, sound, health, wellness and spirituality are all areas in which AGC has experience producing events and buidling contacts and connections for our artists and  audiences.

As live producers, simply put.. we produce live events! For ourselves or as part of a team, big or small, we  live to make memorable experiences happen!

Activation Sessions

Atlantic Ground Control's mission is to promote conscious artists and produce enlightening entertainment in all forms. We believe in the transformative power of the live experience and to that end, we aim to provide a myriad of powerful opportunities for like-minds to come together to connect to a deeper sense of Self, community and the world around us.

TRUTH: Talk, Reveal, Unite, Transform Humanity. The Activation Sessions were conceived in response to a movement. The Truth movement. Lectures, musical productions and sound experiences all designed to move the soul; to connect us in authentic ways and make us question what we think we know about the world and ourselves.  We're inspired by what is possible and propelled by the want to offer positively empowering experiences that point the way towards and help facilitate greater Truth in all of our lives.