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Iron Age Mystics

Every revolution needs a soundtrack.. this is the best that can be offered in this genre!


IAM started in the summer of 2010 after Greg and Kevin met at a mutual friend’s wedding. Greg rallied Al and Clayton to start a writing project, and shortly after, the Sunday ritual became slamming ideas out in Greg’s downtown apartment.


Hamish and Tavish (Greg’s terriers) were instrumental in this process.


Practice ‘til your fingers bleed and the singer’s so hoarse he sounds like a howler monkey having a bad day… After a year of banding, bonding, and occasionally head-butting, we decided we liked what we were creating and should record it for real.

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"There are bands that bring an artistic creative element to their lyrics, and Iron Age Mystics not only artistically creative with their lyrics, but compose some of the most inspiring revolutionary and political themed lyrics since Rage Against The Machine"... Full Review    Fist / Metal Nexus

"Wielding “Pride Before the Fall,” IAM charges right up to the front lines of the struggle to reclaim Meaning and Purpose in Rock ‘n’ Roll."... Full Review    Jason Velázquez, Editor / Greylock Glass
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