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We are..

Purveyors of Englightening Entertainment.

Kerry Forbes / Managing Director

Shane Dolimont / Operations Director

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"A Strong Spirit Transcends Rules" Prince

We don't always know exactly what we're doing but if we're doing it it's because we feel inspired by it, we're passionate about it, we have the experience to pull it off and we trust the process! The Divine Purpose  becomes clear with commitment. Always.


Live event production is our passion!

AGC is Kerry Forbes and Shane Dolimont and it is entirely safe to say that we LOVE live entertainment in all forms, particularly anything to do with sound, music and pure energy exchange! Selfishly, we created AGC so that we could follow our passion which is producing live events that bring inspired, like minds together in authentic ways.


We are big believers in the idea that as one shifts so do the rest, for we've seen this dynamic happen for people again and again, where they've had an experience which caused a shift in their own perspective thus creating a continum of further shifts to happen for those around them. We feel honoured and deeply grateful when we're able to produce an event that then faciliates a profound shift in anothers' life. We feel the importance of this role that we play, every time we produce an event.


Shane and I met in Toronto in 2005 and by 2007 we decided that after having spent 20 + yrs. in Ontario, that it was time to cash in the subway pass and return to an easier way of life so we packed up and on pure faith - with no jobs, and nowhere to live, we moved to Atlantic Canada.  We incorporated AGC in 2007, by 2010 we had our first two events organized and by 2012 we were producing monthly gatherings.


2024 / 2025 will bring new shows, new challenges and new perspectives which will be shared through the events we produce. We  hope you'll join us for the journey.  It will be well worth the price of admission!

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